Don't get skeered - these are just fingerpicking instrumentals.

Taking a night off from singing - This is Runaway Tomato, my own "composition", done in the American Primitive fingerpicking style.

This one is called "Damon's Helmet", recorded in 2013 (obviously not in the garage) using a Gibson Hummingbird Pro.

This is an instrumental I wrote in the early to mid 1970s when I was giving guitar lessons. It's called the Submarine Rag, and uses only one chord shape in about a dozen different positions. I tought it to students to demonstrate what I called Fretplay, where a person can experiment and have fun finding alternate chords. This was recorded in 2013 on my Gibson Hummingbird Pro.

Here is an instrumental I call "Fur Bearing Biped". It's a simple alternating bass fingerpicking song that uses hammers and pulloffs to give the illusion of speed. I used this one also to teach guitar tactics to students when I tought guitar back in the 1970s. This is played on my thumpy, cool Taylor 110e, definitely an underrated instrument.

This is a foray from fingerpicking into "fingerstyle", which is a completely different aminal, (yes I spelled it "aminal"). I actually like listening to this and still play it. Privately.