Welcome To the Garage

 A hearty welcome to markstonemusic.com! 

Mark Stone is an acoustic guitarist and vocalist based in El Paso, Texas, where he currently plays in the Crosspoint Church worship band. Mark has played throughout the great Southwest, including El Paso, Tucson & Bisbee Arizona and New Mexico. His style of guitar work is known as American Primitive, an offshoot of John Fahey’s alternating bass styles from the 1950s. (see the Wikipedia article on American Primitive Guitar at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_primitive_guitar, which is, oddly enough, quite accurate).

From the 1970s or so. Photo by Robin Wilkins

Mark, who has gracefully entered his 70s, is retired and no longer actively “gigging”, although the stint at Crosspoint keeps him busy. 

Mark has dedicated his life and efforts to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a fact that we are all sinners - all of us - and need redemption. Don’t let the term “sinner” throw you off. Although it sounds like a churchy outdated term, it has relevance in the world today. Through our attitudes and misdeeds, we have sadly separated ourselves from God. Look at the world today, with the hatred, political fighting, arrogance, etc. as evidence! We need Jesus, and we need Him badly. For a clear description of the Gospel message, click over to Crosspoint’s website here.