Playing my guitars and singing in the garage was a blast back in the Springtime and Summer of 2020 as the Covid pandemic hit. I recorded about 50 or so videos, and, yes, occasionally people walked by and listened. Most of the recorded music is at YouTube, which makes it easy to upload to However, many of the songs I had included here were blocked or deleted or something by YT because of copyright issues. I guess they're right, even though I was not using the vids for profit. They were songs frequently used in Church Worship Services. So, now I'm re-aligning and will be re-recording many of the songs, but will be limiting material here at my website to original compositions, and songs written by my closest friends.

Additionally, maybe I'll branch out this website into other areas besides strictly music. I do have a lot of interests. 

My music and my websites (this site and my architectural studies at exist primarily to Glorify my Lord Jesus Christ. Hopefully you will be able to see that in the music.

Original music, and this website, Copyright © 2021 Mark A. Stone