Guitars: the Classical, the Neighborhood Bully and the Sensitive Poet

The Current Herd: L to R, the Conquistador; the Taylor 814ce; Taylor 110e

I love instruments and gear. I'm a member of the good ol' AGF (click here to participate), aka the Acoustic Guitar Forum, where we talk endlessly about all manner of guitars and such. For decades I played Gibson guitars, but about 5 years ago switched over to Taylor because of their superior balance, clarity, sustain and note separation, which is ideal for my style of play. Today I am using a Taylor 814ce DLX V-Class from 2019 as my main squeeze, and a Taylor 110e from 2015 as a neighborhood bully. Be sure to click on my 814ce pictorial!!

The third guitar is a Kazuo Yairi Conquistador Classical, hand-built by the master Luthier in circa 1977. I traded a Gibson J-50 straight across for it in 1978, and it is still in my possession.