Guitars: the Classical, the Neighborhood Bully and the Sensitive Poet

My current instruments, left to right:
  1. 1978 Kazuo Yairi CY-130 Conquistador Classical, hand-built in Kani, Japan at the Luthier’s small facility. I’m its only owner, and have played this wonderful instrument since late 1978. It features a solid red cedar top over a parallel-grain Coral Rosewood laminate. For many, many years this was my only guitar for both gigging, worshiping and the couch. I added the pick guard in the mid 1980s because I loved the sound of thin (0.6) nylon picks when strumming.
  2. 2005 Alvarez AD-60S/12 12 String, owned by my friend Leslie but officially “adopted” and used by myself. I’ve used this instrument since mid-August 2022, and it is sending me through a large learning curve! Playing a 12-String is different, to say the least. This model has a solid Sitka Spruce top over a laminated (but interestingly bookmarked) Mahogany back & sides. The tone is very sweet and requires articulation in playing: a fingerpicker’s dream guitar. 
  3. The Neighborhood Bully: a 2015 Taylor 110e, with a Sitka Spruce top over “layered” (Taylor’s term) Sapele (sa-pay-lay) back and sides. This is a powerful dreadnaught, with a lot of volume and a great tone, and is my primary gigging/worship instrument. It’s an extremely practical stage instrument.