Gear and Sundries

Through the decades I've settled in on supportive gear that is high quality and dependable. My main reason for using the following is simply -- experience.

Hiscox Pro II Cases. Hiscox offers very, very protective instrument cases at reasonable prices. (

Kyser Capos. Kyser provides long-handled capos that are very easy to quick-change during a song or set. (

Elixir Strings, Medium Gauge 13-56 on the Taylor 110e (

Dunlop Nylon Flatpicks, .60mm. These are wonderful, snappy, bright picks especially for "arm strummers" like myself (

Kustom Sound Reinforcement (PA). I have used the same high-quality club-sized PA from Kustom for a couple of decades. (

Fender Acoustisonic 40 Amplifier. Realistic and powerful acoustic tone whether using guitar electronics or the SM57. (

Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone. A great road-worthy mic to display the power and tone of the Kazuo Yairi Classical and the Alvarez 12-String (

Cables and other incidentals  from my local Guitar Center