Original Ballads

Ballads written by myself or co-written with another. Hopefully these stories will help to Glorify Jesus as He works through us!

This song is called "Folksinger", written by me in the late 1970s. I cain't daince!

This song, another one that I wrote, which is probably the song that means the most to me. For those who drift away from their First Love, know that HE never drifts away from you! This is called "No Way". It is written from personal experience.

A song I wrote in the very early 1970s, this song is about the conversion experience of an old man named Willie that I knew in Idaho Springs, Colorado. This is one of my favorite compositions, and took only about 30 minutes to write.

My friend Kevin Casteel and I wrote a song together around 1980-ish. I was playing around with some chords in our living room (we were roommates at the time) and Kevin walked in with some lyrics. I happened to be looking for lyrics for my chords, and he happened to be looking for music for his poem. They fit together perfectly! The song is called "Anita", and explores the memories and future of a feeble, elderly Anita as she faces the end of her long life.