Non-Garage Songs

This small collection of songs were recorded long before the Covid19 crisis and before I started recording the Garage pieces. I'll add them here for "Extra Credit".

Here is an original song, loosely based on the Bible's Book of Ecclesiastes, called "Old Man Song". It was written in about 1979, long before I knew what it felt like to be an old man. The instrument is my Taylor 110e.

This song was specifically requested by my Pastor at Mosaic Church for a Thanksgiving service a few years ago. It ended up being one of my favorite compositions. It's called the Thanksgiving Song. Recorded in 2014 on a Gibson Hummingbird Pro.

Here's another song requested by my Mosaic Pastor specifically to accompany a sermon. The song is called "Lone Wolf". This was recorded in 2015 on a Gibson Hummingbird Pro.

Worship Leader John Cornelius from Tucson wrote this song in around 1972. I've used it in sets forever, one of my favorites. Thank You Lord for a New Life!!

This is also a composition from Tucson's John Cornelius. It's a medley of two of his songs, which I call "Pick Me Up". Recorded using my Gibson Hummingbird Pro.

Recorded live by my wife on Fathers Day 2013, this is a song written by Jimmy Blinn entitled "I Still Can't Say Goodbye". It was recorded with my Gibson Hummingbird Pro.