These are Confusing Times!

Retirement is a lot more complicated than we think it is. It has been very difficult to update the pages here at markstonemusic, simply because I am having difficulty organizing my time. Most of my musical attention has been absorbed by Crosspoint Church, where I play Acoustic Guitar and sing occasionally in the band. It’s really a lot of work, because of a constant stream of new material to learn. The thing is - I enjoy it very much. A goodly portion of the rest of my time is spent working on my architectural/building histories and documenting them at the West Texas Facebook page operated by Preservation Texas, called “The Trost Society”. (please see, and at my own site, the El Paso Sketch Club (linked to above).

Nevertheless, I would still like to add to my small collection of recordings here at I think it’s a matter of organizing my time. After all, I pay for the domain - lol, why not use it?