Kazuo Yairi Pictorial

This is a 1978 Alvarez Yairi CY-130 Classical, hand-built by Kazuo Yairi in his small factory in Kani, Japan. I've owned this wonderful instrument since I traded a Gibson J-50 for it in 1978.

  • Solid Red Cedar top
  • Laminated Coral Rosewood back and sides. Kazuo Yairi pioneered a laminate that included only two layers, both tonewood, glued together in a parallel grain. This increased strength and maintained the sound quality of a solid-wood instrument. 

Coral Rosewood side

Coral Rosewood bookmarked back

Solid Red Cedar top

Signed and dated by the Master Luthier Kazuo Yairi

It looks carved, but it's a plastic veneer glued to the headstock