Introduction: 2023 Update

In 2020 I recorded a large number of videos and posted them here at, but I’m not really happy with their quality. I recorded most of them in my Garage during the Covid 19 pandemic. Several months ago, I deleted a bunch of them, but left a few. As sort of a New Years Resolution, I’ve decided to go ahead and re-record my tunes, starting with original material and moving on to covers - a project I will begin shortly. Meanwhile, I’ll leave some of the older recordings here at the site while I’m rebuilding the inventory.

Not only do I want to share music here at my website, I also want to use it to memorialize original music for myself, my family, and my Church family. As I create the new videos, I will post them at my Facebook page in addition to my YouTube Channel and here at

Original music, and this website, Copyright © 2023 Mark A. Stone