Original Music

The videos on this page will be replaced, as part of the 2023 “renovation” of the markstonemusic.com website. After the new (and hopefully better) videos are posted, I plan on deleting this page. 

All of the following songs were composed by Mark Stone, and recorded on various versions of the Apple iPhone. All music copyright ©️ 2022 by Mark Stone, as part of the Runaway Tomato Collection. 


Runaway Tomato, an instrumental piece composed in the American Primitive style of fingerpicking. Recorded in 2020 with a Taylor 814ce DLX

No Way, composed in 2009 and recorded May 10, 2020. Travis style fingerpicking with rolls, using a Taylor 814ce DLX

Willie, composed around 1973. This was originally written in a "square" Travis fingerpicking pattern, but then transposed into an American Primitive style. Recorded May 15, 2020 on a Taylor 814ce DLX.

The Ending of the Night, composed 2009 and recorded May 22, 2020 in a simple American Primitive pattern on a Taylor 814ce DLX

The Submarine Rag, an instrumental strummer written in 1972, recorded in 2009 on a Gibson Hummingbird Pro

Old Man Song, a 1974 composition composed in a square Travis fingerpicking pattern, transferred to an American Primitive and recorded in 2014 on a Taylor 110e Dread