Ballads Written by Others

Here's a couple or so of songs I've covered that were written by other people - some famous recording artists, others jes friends on the same journey I'm on.

Here is a song for Fathers Day 2020, written by Bob Blinn and Jimmy Moore called I Still Can't Say Goodbye

This is a song called Joshua, written by my old friend John Cornelius back in the early 1970s. "Josh really wasn't such a bad guy . . ."

Lay Down Your Burdens, written by Matt Maher, Ben Glover and David Crowder. Hope for the hopeless!

Here is a song written by my friend Michael VanArsdale, in the early to mid 1970s. It's called Rainy Nights. We did this song as a duo from time to time, and I continued to use it in the decades after we parted. It's a 2-chord song, D and Asus, in Drop D tuning on my Taylor 814ce.

Here's a cool old song written by Noel Paul Stookey, called the Winner. This vid is the first time I've played this song in 30 years or so! It used to be one of my openers when I used to do "sets".

My favorite local songwriter is a person that has been my friend since early 1974, a fellow named Barry Martin. Here's one of his songs that I have "adopted" -- "Tell Me Jesus" --

Noel Paul Stookey's beautiful song "Hymn" -- A testament to a personal relationship available to us!