Life in the Garage

During El Paso's short winters, I hide in my home from the cold. Having grown up in Denver and in the Colorado Rockies, you'd think that feeling the cold would be normal, measured, a friend - but the spectre of age (heading through my 70s) renders coldness an enemy. Or, at least, something that's uncomfortable. 
Playing my old Epiphone EJ-200 in my garage -
May 2018

But during the other three seasons - salt, paprika and parsley flakes - my Garage is a nice warm place. It is also where I seem to have most of my creative thoughts, and where I compose music. 

Most of my compositions these days are instrumentals, written in a style that is called American Primitive. The history of American Primitive Guitar is pretty accurately detailed at the Wikipedia page here.  I use this style most effectively to accompany vocals, but have a number of compositions that are guitar-only. Many of the songs on the Original Music page here at are in American Primitive fingerstyle.

Hope you enjoy the site, and dig a little deeper to the real message!